Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress NC District 1

Election Day: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

NC First Congressional District 


It's Time to Pay Up! 

For far too long, Big Business, Wall Street, and
the One Percent have been eating their share of the
American Pie, while leaving the working class the
crumbs from the crust.
They don't worry about access to healthcare,
underfunded education, poverty wages, or 
an unjust system that keeps them at a disadvantage
because of their class, race, gender, or gender
Their advantages allow them to push policies and
politicians who better their lives while neglecting
ours and our way of life.
It's time to fight for what we deserve and let them
know that their time is up! It's Time to PAY




Fighting for the Working Class

A progressive candidate from Durham, North
Carolina, DeAndre Antwan Carter learned the
values of hard work and dedication at an early age.
Following the death of his father in the year 2000,
his mother raised him by herself, working multiple
jobs to put food on the table and keep a roof over
their heads. DeAndre grew up volunteering in his
community and studying politics, as his mother
encouraged him to continue to make a positive
impact on his community.
DeAndre studied Political Science at North
Carolina Central University for three years, before
he was forced to withdraw without a degree to get
a job to support himself and his family. Working
for minimum wage, he struggled to keep up with
his rent and bills before he landed a stable, better-
paying position in 2016. He decided to study
economic policy and current events, and dedicate
himself to fighting for fairness for the working
class, and representing all who struggle as he did.

DeAndre fights to raise outrageously low wages,
reduce the costs of overbearing student loans,
lower out-of-control healthcare rates, and battle
the rising cost of living in his and surrounding
communities in North Carolina.
A vote for DeAndre Antwan Carter is a vote for
policies and values that we can all stand behind; a
vote for a healthier, stronger community, and a
brighter future.



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