Social Justice

The B.L.A.C. Act

Slavery, the “Original sin” of the United States of America, a sin that gave America its head start. 1865 saw the abolition of the inhumane economic practice, and Slave owners were compensated for their loss of “property”. Not a dime was given to the newly freed Blacks who began to build new lives and communities for themselves. What came next was a hundred years of oppression as they were disenfranchised, massacred, displaced from the destruction of striving communities and left out of economic programs meant to benefit all citizens. With investments in white communities and inequality in income, we can see the results of the economic head start given to White Americans 154 years later. 

In 1863 Blacks owned 1 percent of the wealth in the US, now it is at 1.5 percent while making up over 12 percent of the population and having over 150 years of freedom to build on. Whites on average hold 10 times more wealth than the average Black household. The wealth gap is growing so much that the median wealth of Black families is projected to reach $0 in the 2050s. Blacks were kept from home ownership through discrimination practices until the Housing Rights Act of 1968, giving them another disadvantage. Many see that statistics and blame Blacks for not working hard enough, saving enough money, or getting the education needed to build wealth, unfortunately, none of those tactics has or will help. Black men are only paid 75 cents to a White man’s dollar and black women get paid 10 cents less, both under the average of white women. A study by William Darity Jr., a professor at Duke University, shows how black households with college degrees have a median net worth lower than white households of high school dropouts. Blacks are clearly in a financial disadvantage and are entitled to Reparations, but what does that look like? 

The Building Longevity in the African-American Community Act, or B.L.A.C. Act will allow any Black adult born in the USA to register for reparation. Once registered, a person will receive reparation benefits in the form of a Basic Income and access to grants to buy land and houses. Registration will begin on January 1st of the year following becoming law and will be open until December 31st 18 years later so that all persons born when it became law who meet the requirements may be eligible to receive their benefits. 

The BLAC Income program will give each adult who is registered $1000 a month of a 12 year period, which is $144,000. The is roughly equal to the difference between the median wealth of white and black households. Anyone who dies while receiving their income will have the remainder divided among their dependents and given to them as a trust fund when they turn 18. Any adult who receives a trust by these means will not be penalized and will be able to register and receive full benefits as long as registration is still open. 

The BLAC Land Grant program will allow any adult registered to get funding to buy land, and, or housing. This program will administer grants for a maximum of 30 years. 

There will also be funding to add the truth about slavery, and the impact it had throughout American history in all curricula.

Protecting Civil Rights

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work

  • Protecting the Right to an Abortion

  • Adding Protections for the LBGTAQ community in the Civil Rights Act

  • Legalize and Regulate Sex Work

  • Protect the Rights of Dreamers

  • Free Birth Control 

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