Medicare For All

In a district where 11% of adults and 4.5% of children uninsured, healthcare should be a Universal RIGHT and priority for ALL! 

Medicare for All provides coverage for all necessary medical needs

while relieving the working class from the overwhelming financial burden of the current system.

  • Single Payer Program

This will be a one insurance plan paid for through taxes allowing people to choose their healthcare providers without fear of cost of lack of coverage.  

  • Comprehensive

Medicare for All will cover Dental, Mental, Vision and Pharmaceuticals along with all other health needs already covered by Medicare now.

  • Universal Coverage

All residents in the U.S. including non-citizens will be covered.

  •  Free at the Point of Service

There will be no premiums, deductibles, co-pays or fee​

  • Jobs

Job initiatives and severance to those affected by the transition​.

Paid for by The People for Carter